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More Space Marines In Drag

Relic and Iron Lore's forthcoming fourth (count 'em!) thing in the Dawn of War franchise has revealed another one of its unit types in action. This time it's the Celestians. Woo!

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Thanks, not-gametrailers.

Three grabs of the Celestians in action, beneath the cut, as well as some explanation of what the Celestians are from our resident 40k experts.

So, I talked to Alec...
Kieron: Do you know what a Celestian is?
Alec: No
Kieron: What if I said it's a 40K troop?
Alec: No
Kieron: Aces.

So, I walked upstairs to Jim.
Kieron: Do you know what a Celestian is?
Jim: Arghh... uhmmm... no. Why do you ask?
Kieron: What if I said it's something to do with 40K?
Jim: Er... I dunno. Maybe something to do with the Emperor Jesus Kid things?
Kieron: Aces.

So I had a conversation with Walker.
Kieron: Do you know what a Celestian is?
John: No.
Kieron: What if I said it's something to do with 40k?
John: What's 40k?
Kieron: Aces.

Well, I didn't have the last one as he's still off in Philadelphia, but that's how it would have almost certainly have gone. The guy didn't even know what a Noldor elf was.

Which leaves the duty of explaining the Celestians' position in the extensive 40K mythos to you all. Well, the Celestians are a high level Sisters of Battle shock troop who... ooh, look! Pictures! Go clicky!

But we're pretending otherwise for comic effect.

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