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Morning Mythologies: Legends Of Dawn

It's Monday morning and the British summer continues to be nothing at all like a British summer by the very act of continuing. It's hotter than the devil's trouser press out there and after two days of waltzing about in the great outdoors, I'm about ready to sit in a dark room and write about PC games. First up is Legends of Dawn, an RPG that "liberates from class restrictions unlike real life". That's official. In real life, if you excel in mathematics at school you're locked in until the end of your days. You're a Mathemancer and there's no way to change that. Apart from a lack of class restrictions, Legends of Dawn also offers a wide open world to wander in, with deviation from the main storyline an option for all. Let this trailer enter your mind.

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Admittedly, not the most thrilling video to start the day with. Sorry about that. But I did have a think about it and some of my favourite RPGs probably look quite dull in motion: a man strikes a monster with an axe, repeatedly and with no variation. The monster hisses - they always hiss, whether insect, slime or reptile - and eventually falls over. Experience is gained.

Apart from the uninspiring animations, the actual areas and enemies don't look particularly exciting either. With freeform character development and exploration, there could at least be some interesting systems in place. There's no firm release date yet but the vast amount of enemies and items promised, along with spell creation and crafting, could mean there's more to these legends than meets the eye. Time, and hopefully a playable demo, will tell.

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