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Fling letters wildly in the cheery Morning Post

A parcel of joy

Hi! Do you fancy a fun five-minute visit to a colourful, happy world? Download Morning Post [Itch page] and go deliver letters in a cartoony world where everything and everyone from people to broccoli has a big smile. Rock up to someone's house, poke around and see what everyone's up to, fling letters willy-nilly, then close it with a smile. That's all and that's certainly enough. Have a peek in this trailer:

Yup, that's about it. Poke around a house and fling letters everywhere. Sterling stuff from creator Happy Snake and soundmaker Zack Alkek.

I'm still v. much into this cute modern style of 3D worlds with 2D sprites. Little Party and Gardenarium are perhaps the prettiest but I also dig it in really scrappy games like this, where even a fridge is a wobbly sprite.

I also like that opening doors in Morning Post makes you knock first. Nice to give a little warning before you bust into a bathroom and toss letters at the kids in the tub.

Morning Post is pay-what-you-want, with no minimum, on Itch.

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