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Morphê: A Tiny Game That Daydreams With You

A peaceful island trip

I'm spending time digging into little games on at the moment so I thought I'd share a few with you. This one is Morphê [official site] by Pixelfoot Games and it fits into that art game/musical desktop toy category, if you're looking to get a sense of what it is.

You're on a little island which sort of doubles as an art park with a tiny pond and trees and obelisks you can play around with in order to change the soundscape of the space. I was pottering and doing that, but then I paused to take a screenshot or four of the lake. In standing still I found that when you do the game gradually blurs until what you're seeing is an ambient visualisation to accompany the music.

For me that moment was really lovely - it's kind of like you're seeing the game having a daydream.

Watch on YouTube

Morphê is pay what you want on for Windows and Mac

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