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Mortal com-b-hat: Chapeau is a multiplayer game where you are a hat

Mid-air com-b-hat

When Team Fortress 2 established hats as a quintessential part of multiplayer gaming culture, Valve set in motion a chain of events that have lead us to this pivotal moment. Events have reached their logical conclusion. Someone has made a game in which you are a hat.

Chapeau is an upcoming multiplayer brawler, except sometimes instead of brawling you're trying to find the right person to clothe. Also sometimes the floor is lava. Shall we just jump into the trailer? It's quite jazzy.

Cover image for YouTube video

More hat chat in a second, but I can't resist mentioning how much I enjoyed bumping into a spot of electroswing on a Monday morning. I want more. Do you want more?

Back to the serious business. On their site, developers Salt Castle Studio mention multiple game modes and "fast-paced combat" where the "environment is unpredictable", but details are sparse. Most of what we know is up there in that trailer, apart from this bit that mentions "gathering your friends on your couch", so it might be local multiplayer only?

That would be a shame, because I'm pretty sure I could coral my cyber pals into some hat-based antics. The Floor Is Lava mode seems to revolve around punting your friends into the floor and extracting juicy coins from them, while "Where is Wilhelm" sends you off in search of a specific head to nestle on. Jolly, wholesome, fant-hat-stic fun.

An alpha is "coming soon".

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