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Moving Stories Tells Tales Through Your Suitcase

All that you can't leave behind

Moving Stories by Terry Cavanagh (him off Super Hexagon and VVVVVV) and Stephen Lavelle (Puzzlescript, English Country Tune) is a satisfying little snack of a game I've been prodding at for about 20 minutes.

The idea is you're moving house and only have a limited amount of space in your suitcase so you must choose the things you wish to take with you. Once the case is packed and the detritus shoved into the nearby bin you'll get snippets of the story of why you're moving out.

The story changes with different playthroughs and different item combinations which is why I've been tinkering with it for a while. That said I think there are only a few different basic reasons for moving out so it's the sort of short game you'll probably play three or four times then start hitting the similarities.

Until then it's more about what you fancy taking with you for your new life. Will you be a business suit/ukelele/everyday dildo kind of girl, or will you go the party dress and handgun route?

Every eventuality is covered in this one suitcase

Pip's top tip: You can't get the cat to stay in the suitcase or the bin so don't spend three minutes trying to do so.

Moving Stories is online and free of charge.

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