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Mutant Year Zero devs launch new tactics 'em up Corruption 2029 today

Only ten days after announcing Corruption 2029, The Bearded Ladies today launch their new tactical squad game. They're the Swedish gang behind Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden, the splendid 'XCOM meets S.T.A.L.K.E.R.' post-apocalyptic tactics 'em up. Corruption looks similar to MYZ in ways, also built upon real-time stealth that collapses into turn-based tactical violence, and that's a strong foundation so I'm certainly game.

Corruption 2029 is set in another grim future, though this time it's a dystopian American with states splintering off. It's less instantly appealing to me than MYZ but I'm willing to be proven wrong. They did strike a good tone last time. No pigmen or duckboys here, though.

As for how it all works, here's a half-hour lump of gameplay from an early level, narrated by two of the Bearded Ladies gang:

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Corruption 2029 is out today on the Epic Games Store for £16. The Bearded Ladies have said on Twitter that "Steam is pretty much a certainty but it's not going to happen for a while." And asked about having it on Xbox Game Pass for PC, they replied that "This is being discussed right now, we'd like to!" For now, it's only on Epic.

I'm sure we'll have some sort of larger opinion to share with you soon.

I am surprised to see Corruption come so soon after MYZ (barely thirteen months) but I'm glad. Heck yeah I'm up for a similar sort of thing - it's a good sort of thing! Our former Alec's Mutant Year Zero review called it "a gem." We've also since declared it one of the best strategy games and look it's not me who sorts games into these genres okay.

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