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Mythos: Open Beta Coming Soon

I've really rather enjoyed what I've played of Mythos. It's still a closed beta, so I'm not entirely sure what's appropriate to say. It's been in closed beta for about 240 years now, originally developed as a stress test for Hellgate's servers, and quickly evolving into its own distinct self. In fact, it bears pretty much nothing in common with Hellgate, beyond the spanners. It's a Diablo-like MMO (this is no shock when you realise it's lead dev is Travis Baldree, creator of Fate, and will be utterly free to play.

The closed beta isn't so easy to get into just now. However, there's good news on the horizon. Flagship Studios Seattle have just relaunched the website, and opened Zone 3 for the testers to play with, along with the news, "Next stop, Open Beta!" It's finally coming. To celebrate, there's also the first new trailer in months to watch, which introduces you to the races and classes that will be available.

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Our beta is always open to you, Gametrailers.

Zone 3 also introduces a whole new crafting system, the return of PvP, a new race, the Cyclops, and all manner of new things that you can't get at so there's no point in my telling you. But soon! Soon it will be yours. We're chasing info, and looking to find out just what secrets we can reveal, so stay tuned.

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