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Necrobarista is planning several free story DLCs

No free lunch, but there is free coffee

Stylish visual novel Necrobarista launched just last week but Route 59 are already brewing a second batch. The anime-inspired click and read 'em up will be getting several free DLC chapters to flesh out the stories of some characters you might have been curious about. The developers say they're planning for these story additions, and some gameplay updates, to start rolling out later this year.

If you've not played it yet, the long and short is that you're following the story of Maddy the necromancer barista who works in a Melbourne coffee shop where the dead get 24 hours to chat and come to terms with their departure.

"Maddy's story is finished for now, but if you were wondering about those troublesome teens Tuan and Hannah, or the secretive and sultry Samantha, or that guy from the OP with the waistcoat and cigar, wonder no further: we'll be telling those characters' stories as well," Route 59 say in their news post. The first DLC will be gameplay oriented, they say, with story DLCs following after.

I've not given the afterlife brew a taste just yet but Jay Castello has all sorts of good things to say about it in our Necrobarista review. Although it obviously deals with a lot of talk about death "it soaks the player in such warmth and charm and humour that it managed to entirely bypass my anxiety on the topic without shying away from addressing it properly," Jay says. "The most perfect example of everything I’m trying to say here is this: Necrobarista ends on a pun. And that pun made me cry."

You can find Necrobarista over on Steam where it's currently 15% off.

Disclosure: I am acquainted with Necrobarista's lead writer and I aught to have a word with their manager about why they keep publishing information during my news shifts. The gall, really.

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