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Neo: The World Ends With You is coming to PC too

Another Square Enix RPG coming our way

Square Enix today announced that Neo: The World Ends with You, the sequel to 2007's The World Ends With You from Nintendo DS, will indeed be coming to PC too. Initially they'd only confirmed it for Switch and PS4. Like the recent Kingdom Hearts PC releases, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. But still, it's good to see Squeenix bringing more of their RPGs our way.

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Like the first game, Neo is weird gangs taking part in a supernatural competition in Tokyo's Shibuya district, the Reaper's Game. You beat stuff up. I had the first recommended pretty often when I got a DS, though never did get around to it myself. Thoughts, gang?

Honestly, I'm a sucker for anything with weird and colourful gangs. Apparently we play as RINDO, leader of the WICKED TWISTERS. Shibuya's known for its youth culture and fashion (and that bustling crossing) so yes, loud subcultures and outfits please.

Neo: The World Ends With You is coming to PC sometime this summer via the Epic Games Store. Squeenix also announced today that the PS4 and Switch versions will launch on July 27th. Presumably we'll see it after that? For now, see its website for more.

Not knowing the series, I am curious how this might connect to Kat Bailey's recent column on how Kingdom Hearts reveals all the ways Square Enix are trapped by their own history. But I am at least glad that Squeenix are taking PC more seriously as a platform for their traditionally console-bound games. Maybe they could look at more stores next.

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