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Rhythm Game Neon Drive Is All The '80s You Can Take

Super HexaTron

Super Hexagon and Audiosurf walk into a bar. Except they realize the bar is a disco, and it's having a Tron-themed party. Only neons light up the room. They're playing Europe, obnoxiously loud, and the best dancer will win an actual DeLorean. So they dance like they come from out of this world, and leave the real one far behind.

That's about the kind of scenario that could give birth to Neon Drive [official site] a tough-as-nails rhythm game in which you need to use your car (or plane) to avoid obstacles. The devs are even handing out Certificates of Superhuman Abilities to whoever manages to collect all the achievements.

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There are several modes, and though they all amount to the same thing - avoid obstacles in sync with the music - they're different enough to challenge your spatial awareness in distinct ways. There's standard Audiosurf-perspective dodging, there's an actual top-down shmup, that scene from The Fifth Element, and one in which you run from evil neon rays. There's a Transformers-themed side-scroller, 2D Grand Theft Auto, and finally Super Hexagon with a plane.

This one.

Steam reviews are actually quite positive overall, mostly praising the difficulty of the challenge and going "kids, these days" like an '80s person should. They're also praising the soundtrack, because there's just no cure for some fevers. You can test if you are susceptible to the same virus on SoundCloud.

Neon Drive came out on May 12th, and 2 weeks later a patch addressed some big complaints, including fixing synchronisation of sound and vision - an awfully important feature for any kind of rhythm game.

If you want to brush off your curls and leather trousers and compete for a Certificate of Superhuman Abilities, Neon Drive will set you back £6.99/€9.99 on Steam for Windows and Mac.

You can also watch a trailer for future flying cars, for free.

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