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New Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos trailer outlines the rules of punching

Meet this weird gangly toe

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos isn't an enormously popular mobile game, I swear. Instead, it's a sequel to Zeno Clash, the first-person brawler from ACE Team set in a surreal fantasy world. There's a new video below which introduces this successors new characters and systems, including the dice game you can play before fights to change their rules.

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Zeno Clash 1 and 2 told a continuing story, but Clash has a new protagonist. You play as Pseudo, a hermit who looks like a toe, who moves to protect a small, fluffy but powerful creature known as The Boy from forces that would exploit him. It's... It's Salvador Dali's The Mandalorian?

The thrust of the game is thrusting your fist into the faces of various creatures and bigger creatures, mixed with some light exploration as you traverse the world. The fights aren't straightforward, though. You learn new attacks and construct your fighting style as the game progress, and the rules governing fights are laid down before battle commences via The Ritual.

The Ritual is an optional dice game that lets you make changes like having the fight take place in a cloud of fog, or lumbering opponents with a chain that limits their ability to move. That's if you win the Ritual, of course - if you lose, you'll have to deal with new challenges that make it harder for you.

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos will launch in November, 2022 via Steam. Since last working on Zeno Clash, ACE Team have made the wonderful Eternal Cylinder.

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