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New Doom movie looks like Doom and the other Doom movie

There will be blood and such

Bulgaria is apparently the new home to Hell, as Universal Studios has just wrapped shooting there for a new Doom movie. Is it a sequel to the Doom movie that they made in 2005? Is it a redo of the game's story? If so, which of the many Dooms is it? Is it perchance based on the series of novel in 90s where the Mormons save Earth? It almost certainly is not! But from the first few set photos, we can tell that it looks like coordinators in a space place full of blood and, like, what else are you going to have in a Doom movie? That really covers the bases, production wise.

There was no real announcement for the new film. Rather, actress Nina Bergman had a social media post which leaked the information back in April. Director Tony Giglio is helming the picture, and he's been sharing some shots from the location as well as videos of the actors practicing stunts.

Not many details here as far as what's being adapted, but I would like to be the first to say that Samuel Hayden and his dumb sword have no place here. There. That's my smart opinion on movie-making. Take it or leave it, Hollywood!

Directly from the director's tweet-place, here is our first look at what we assume is the UAC facility.

Uh. Also: guns. Remember how there were guns in the game? They're in the movie, buddy. And I have proof:

Much more exciting to me is this shot of star Amy Manson, where she points out there's no need for a DoomGuy when you've got a DoomGirl.

Who needs a #doomguy.......???? #boss #doommovie #doom #tearingshitup

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Oh. This... this is pretty neat. Dr. Betruger is played by actor Dominic Mafham, who apparently is in Backdraft 2? Did you guys know they're shooting a sequel to Backdraft? Okay, I'll explore that on my own time.

You might remember Dr. Betruger from Doom 3. He's the guy who did all these excellent laughs, which how you know he's mega-evil.

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Hopefully, the new film has as great dialogue on par with this back and forth between The Rock and the official Doom twitter account:

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