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Stompy Bot Announce New Heavy Gear Game

Newly formed developers Stompy Bot are, yes, going to make another Heavy Gear game. We know this because they announced "the exclusive licensing of Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear franchise for PC, mobile and console 3D gaming" earlier today...

The last videogame - Heavy Gear II - was in 1999, so it's been a while since the mech universe has had a digital outing, but that's all set to change. Robert Dubois, President of Dream Pod 9, press-speaked: "Dream Pod 9 looks forward to working closely with Stompy Bot Productions in developing the next incarnation of Heavy Gear's 3D video game. Stompy Bot has the drive and talent to bring the world of Heavy Gear to life for all of our fans and a whole new generation of gamers." The time seems right for another battle of the mech games, too. I noticed someone in an MWO story commenting that "Hawken is Heavy Gear to Mechwarrior Online's Mechwarrior 2", or similar. Well, now what does that make the new Heavy Gear game?

Sadly there are no further details at this time, so why not distract yourself by looking at the trailer for the original Heavy Gear game, which I've posted below. Oh now things change / stay the same...

Cover image for YouTube video

The new game will looking infinitely better than this in-game, you'd think. You'd hope. Right guys?

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