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New Introversion Game?

Work, or at least mysterious "pre-production" has begun on the sixth Introversion game, "Chronometer." Google tells me that chronometer means "clock', so perhaps some kind of clever time-travel game? Chris Delay isn't giving much away, but I'm going to post that image of a big gold pocketwatch anyway.

The news emerged via Introversion's own blog, with Delay explaining how the game idea had come up during Defcon development, but been clearly too much for the small company. As it happened, however, Channel 4 were offering some development money, and the Chronometer idea hit the spot. Delay explained:

So around three months ago, despite being busier than we’ve ever been, Introversion Software began work on its sixth game. Channel 4 funded an exploratory pre-production phase of three months work, which we have now almost completed. We spent a long time looking for a fulltime writer, and worked through nearly 50 applicants until we hit on the right guy for the job – a writer named Chris Hastings.

Mr Hastings site appears to be some kind of casting agency, suggesting that the Introversion team are going to need actors for this gig? Whatever it might be, we'll be bugging the Chrises for more information rather soon...

(Thanks to Phuzz & FreelancePolice for the tip-off).

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