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New Turok game is more cute 'em up than shoot 'em up

Lost? It's right here.

Though it says so in the headline, I feel it’s worth repeating that the game in that screenshot is a Turok game, called Turok: Escape from Lost Valley. Yes, Turok. The dinosaur FPS series from the ‘90s. So now we’re all together on this, I can also tell you that it’s an isometric action adventure game with some of the cutest dinosaurs you'll ever kill, and it’s out on Steam on July 25th.

This Nu-rok is still Turok, and in it you rescue your sibling Andar and adventure through a land filled with dinosaurs, primitive peoples, and puzzles. Here, take a peek.

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This new take on the old series, where the skinned hide of fallen dinosaurs become totes adorbs onesies, is a fun story in itself. Universal Studios, who bafflingly own the Turok series, held the Universal Gamedev Challenge alongside Unity, looking for interesting concepts for their back catalogue. People pitched and pitched and pitched, and two winners were selected. Pillow Pig Games’ sweet little dino game was picked up, alongside Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion from Gbanga (Millform Inc.).

I know nothing about Voltron, hence my barely mentioning it until now, but the game is a one vs one strategy game about designing defensive towers. I’ll let the trailer tell the rest of the story. It's also out on Steam on July 25th.

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This is something I’ve long dreamed would happen, where the people with the keys to the vault(tron) leave the door askew and tempt developers inside, possibly with a line of sweets. The results may be unconventional, but they’re at least intriguing.

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