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FMV cult classic Night Trap invades PC on August 15

Catch those binvamps!

Notorious FMV game Night Trap is back, against all odds. Having survived the cancellation of the console it was originally made for, US congressional hearings about violence in video games, and a failed Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the interactive horror movie will come to PC as Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition [official site] on August 15th. Developers Screaming Villains had muttered before that they were considering a PC version, but now it's official.

Upon hearing of Night Trap's return, RPS's John Walker asked "lord, why would anyone want it back?"

Night Trap is an interactive horror movie about teenage girls staying in a house over a weekend, unaware that they're being used by the rozzers as bait in a trap to catch rubbish vampires. The house is filled with surveillance cameras and traps, see, and we play an agent keeping an eye on the girls and activating traps to vanquish vamps.

It's neither a good movie nor a good game but has achieved minor cult status for those reasons. It's a B gamemovie.

According to Walkman, "The only good thing about that game was us all sitting behind Mike while he played, imitating the "POP!" noise it made when you missed a vampire."

The 25th Anniversary Edition packs deleted scenes, documentaries, a way to watch it as a movie, a new mode, and an unreleased prototype named Scene of the Crime. It'll hit Steam on August 15th. For more on Night Trap's weird and twisting history, Wikipedia has a good overview.

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