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No Fireworks: Activision Infinity Ward Lawsuit Settled

Apologies, lovers of metal-mangling, flesh-rending trainwrecks. I've got some bad news for you. The no-holds-barred modern battlewarfront of words between Activision and former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella - which has been brewing since 2010 - won't be going to court. After the lawsuit reached a fever pitch of $1 billion in demands, Polygon's reporting that the two sides have opted to settle.

"We have reached a settlement in this matter as to all parties and all claims," said an attorney representing West and Zampella. "Dismissals will be filed soon."

Apparently, the plan is to keep all terms of the settlement completely confidential. That leaves us dangling on the precipice of a real nail-biter, too. Did the two absurdly successful industry men get their respective ancient Aztec cities made of gold? Will they be able to barely scrape by and provide for the next 347 generations of their families? It's tear-jerking stuff. I think we can all identify.

A press release from Activision, however, notes that the settlement will "not have a material impact" on the publishing titan's bottom line, so my financial adviser says "signs point to no" in regards to any hush-hush $1 billion payments. (Yes, my financial adviser is a Magic Eight Ball. No, you shut up.) Apparently, however, Jason West was sighted smiling in the courtroom as the news was announced, so I can't imagine things ended too terribly for him and his fellow ex-Infinity-Warders.

This all comes after another recent settlement between Activision and EA over the alleged contract-breaching business dealings between EA and the ex-Infinity Ward leads. Pertinent documents also led to the discovery of an Activision-helmed borderline-conspiracy to dig up dirt on West and Zampella known as "Project Icebreaker." So basically, the rollercoaster had reached the nauseating peak of insanity, and it was about to take a plunge into the legal system's maddest depths.

Now, though, it's come to a screeching halt. Both parties approved of the dismissal and have agreed to never speak of this again. So, I guess that's that. Now Respawn Entertainment can go back to releasing blurry, meaningless screenshots of its mystery game. Thank goodness.

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