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No, Halo 5 wont be joining The Master Chief Collection on PC

Not a terrible omission, to be fair.

Sorry, Mister Chief. With testing for Halo 4 about to begin for The Master Chief Collection on PC, 343 have once again confirmed that their first game will also be The MCC's last - with no plans to bring Halo 5 into Captain Motocross' big ol' bundle. It might have a reputation for being a bit rubs, but that's a weird, Cortana-shaped hold to leave in between the MCC and Infinite's release next year.

343 posted the reminder inside a massive blog post for all things John Chief post last week. The good news? Halo 4 is getting a closed beta very, very soon - and like Halo 3 before it, 343 plan to invite every eligible Xbox Insider into the party. That "flight" should also begin testing for a number of other features, including crossplay between PC and Xbox spacefolks.

After that, though, there'll be no more major releases planned for The Master Chief Collection on either platform, with 343 noting they're "sorry to crush your Halo 5 in MCC dreams". It's a bit weird, considering the Forge half of Halo 5 is free to tinker with on PC.

Then again, Halo 5 is sort of the black sheep of the series. That Halo: Infinite is pivoting hard away from the direction set by 5 is probably a good enough sign of how that game went down. While I haven't played it, I have spent some bored hours flicking through all the cutscenes, and the whole thing has this weird "Red Vs Blue when it tried being serious" feel to its storytelling. Still, it has its fans I s'pose.

There's plenty more Halo stuff in that post if you're into it, mind, including some new lore vids and a peek at a new helmet for Halo: Reach multiplayer. There's also yet another brand deal going for Halo Infinite, giving you a purple Halo suit if you eat a bunch of Oreos, I guess? Infinite might've been delayed into 2021, but it's truly weird to have a better idea of its promotional material than we do of its actual free-to-play multiplayer offerings.

Anyway. Halo 4 will likely arrive within the next few months, which is plenty of time to replay objective series high-point Halo 3: ODST. Thank me later.

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