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No Man's Sky's Has Space Dinos & Confusing Exclusivity

Hello, game

Edit - hmm, the language is a bit unclear. Not quite sure if this is PS4 only first, or if PS4 will just be the first console version and thus a PC version might yet be first. Will try to find out!

We all made a terrible mess in our underthings when No Man's Sky, Hello Games' surprisingly bold'n'brave follow up to Joe Danger, was announced back in the cold, grey dregs of 2013. The procedurally-generated cosmic explaration and action game ticked just about all the boxes I could think of, in principle at least, so it's with an extremely heavy heart that I relay news that the game will be released on PS4 initially, with other versions - i.e. including PC - to follow later.

Oh dear, I'm going to have to buy one of those playboxes now, aren't I? Because just look at the footage below. SPACE DINOSAURS! Incredible, impossible, insane stuff.


Says Hello's Sean Murray, "One of the things we wanted to put across is that No Man’s Sky is a game without limits. That mountain in the distance is a real place you can visit. So is that planet. And that star. That’s been the case since we first revealed the game, but in the six months since we’ve added so much, hundreds of new procedural systems that have made the universe explode with new alien creatures, amazing geological formations and vegetation patterns, pirates and wingmen."

For more on how the big procedural promises work, cast your eyes back to our Graham's extensive interviews on the matter from January.

I know it's early doors for Aieeeethree, but I suspect it's going to be between this and Cuphead for my trailer of the show. (I'm not going to say 'game of the show', because come on, it's just one gigantic marketing-off, isn't it?)

Update: another trailer!

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