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No Man’s Sky Shows Off 4k Shots, PC Settings Revealed

La laa laaaaa

I say “revealed”. What I really mean is “soon visible to any of the 18 quintillion humans who are currently downloading the game.” But I can’t fit that in a headline. Anyway, Nvidia has already posted some screens of what settings can be changed in the space exploration adventure, as well as giving the world some snaps of what it looks like in 4k. Come see, it’s quite pretty.

You can see all the screens in their proper glory at the Nvidia website. More importantly, the settings screengrabs confirm you can do all the usual stuff to your game, including re-assigning the sprint control, which is important for anyone playing with a controller, since the default for PS4 is pressing down on the right joystick – absolutely unthinkable.

So, there you go. Happy No Man’s Day everybody. To be honest, I don’t know why I’m here. Everyone in the RPS virtua-office has vanished. There’s probably nobody even reading this. I could write whatever I want. La la la la la. Controllers are better than mouse and keyboard. I prefer touchscreens. Deus Ex wasn’t good. La la la la laaaa.

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