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No Ray Is Safe Tonight: Raycatcher

Picked this up from IndieGames via John Walker and having given it a shot, have moved it into the "Worth being aware of but probably not play yet" file. Raycatcher is a sorting puzzle game, with beams of light falling from all directions with you rotating your device in the centre so the correct colour bulb ends up with the correct beam. But there's a twist! Ala Audiosurf you can put your own MP3s into it, which will generate beams from its patterns. Which sounds interesting but isn't actually in the demo version - it's functionality which is reserved for the full version. Which the demo says is available on the site, but actually isn't yet. Which is - er - probably a bad move in Indie marketing on at least two levels. Pah! Video beneath the cut.

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Does make me wonder though - what sort of games do you think could be made workable by borrowing Audiosurf's generative-from-music approach? We seem to have fallen into the synaesthetic path Rez trailblazed in terms of potential uses.

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