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Noct: Kickstarter For A Stylish Top-Down Teleglitch-Like

Style does matter

Who wouldn't want more games like Teleglitch? Noct is set in a similarly monster-filled ruined world, similarly viewed from above, and similarly blends quick combat with RPG and survival mechanics. The difference is that it's also optionally multiplayer, "viewed through a thermal imaging satellite", and looking for $22,000 CAD on Kickstarter now.

Teleglitch is a relatively simple idea for a game, but I loved it for the execution of its atmosphere and make-shift weaponry. It's fun to see Noct take the same or similar ideas but present them in a different way - you as an unflinching eye staring down from space upon a dying world - and come out with an atmosphere that feels completely different.

I wonder, though: does that appearance of similarity to a recent, good game make you interested ('it looks like more a thing I love!') or less interested ('I already have this game and therefore don't need to back another')? I can't tell what drives Kickstarter appeal anymore.

$10 CAD (£5.63, $9.19 USD) gets you a copy of the game on release, while $25 nets you "early beta access" whenever that launches. Take a look.

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