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Nour wants you to play with your food

Sweet and Nour Noodles

I have a soft spot for avant-garde experimental games with clean 3D art, messy physics and chill soundtracks. I assume I do, given my multitude of hours sunk into Noby Noby Boy on PS3. Terrifying Jellyfish's Nour [official site] looks to bring some of that spirit to the table in the most literal sense, promising the simple joy of playing with your food with none of the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. Developer TJ Hughes is seeking funding through Kickstarter to serve up the final dish.

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Nour doesn't seem to have any goals beyond amusing yourself with the toys provided, although they are delicious looking and temptingly tactile toys indeed. Designed to be played by idly mashing at your keyboard (with additional support for MIDI controllers and button-panels such as a MIDI Fighter), each key will do something to the scene, be it spawning noodles, gravitating tapioca, grinding things that shouldn't ever go in a meat-grinder, or just popping corn one kernel at a time.

Funding on this one is of the humble variety: $12 will get you a place in the credits and a copy of Nour when released (they're hoping for April 2018), and $21 will get you the same plus the soundtrack and a pack of high-res wallpapers. Money raised will go to paying for accommodation, real food and development-aiding hardware for further production of virtual victuals. It's unclear whether this will also be helping the developer escape the Pink Void, or whether the Void has started charging rent and we're trying to keep him there.

There are only a few days left on the Nour Kickstarter, but it looks like it might just clear the funding goal. I hope it does - the world is a stressful place, and we could do with more of this kind of soft and soothing strangeness in games.

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