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Now You Too Can Assault Communism

Soldier! Get a move on! Assault that Communism now! Quickly, it's getting away! It'll spill pinko juice everywhere if you don't catch it on time. COMMUNISM MUST BE ASSAULTED OR WE SHALL ALL PERISH.

I'm pretty sure that's an exact recreation of what playing the demo of Battlefront's latest Strategic Command, WWII Assault on Communism plays like. Didn't I do well?

In fact, it's a grand strategy game, and expansion of Strategic Command WII Global Conflict, which saw a similar demo-related post by an outgoing Kieron Gillen three years ago. Dear me, look at how he didn't even add any words under the cut. Ttch! Not like these oh-so-noble post-cut words, are they? Truly, these will become legends.

Er... trailer follows.

Er... there isn't a trailer for this one. Um. What now?

Try the demo, I guess. While AoC-full requires the Global Conflict parent game, this demo does not. Sounds like it's got a decent chunk of game in it, though - "the 1941 Operation Barbarossa campaign with just the first two months of the war included, or until August 27th, 1941." Actually, for all I know, two months is just two turns in this.

Also, I just noticed that demo tries to install a bloody browser toolbar if you don't tell it not, so watch out for that.

If you like what try, the full expansion is also out now, for $25.

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