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The Fallout Doctrine: Sheltered

Loving, but not the bomb

It's easy to forget what reality is and how to breathe and why basic human values matter during E3 week. It's also easy to forget that there are other things going on in gaming's humongous land. Inventive projects on Kickstarter, for instance. A post-apocalyptic survival game that's genuinely about survival, rather than shooting giant mutant scorpions or speaking like a cowboy, for example. One where you're trying to keep your family alive while stuck in a fallout shelter, for example. Sheltered, for example.

The Castle Doctrine, DayZ and Project Zomboid spring to mind at first glance, as we're juggling extreme paranoia (who's out there, are they friend or foe, how dangerous are they?) and everyday survival (illness, radiation, hunger, power) while struggling to protect those you care about. It's a strategy game, which I'm ever so faintly disappointed to hear contains combat and 'irradiated beasts', as I'd love to just focus on not getting my family killed by the environment, but hey, games.

Reassuringly (presuming you don't fancy a mass killing spree for once), there's this claim: "the best thing a player can do is avoid combat at all costs. Traumatic experiences in violent situations will have a tremendous toll on the family environment and how every member functions." Essentially you'll be taking your kids into combat situations too, and sounds as though that's going to have serious consequences.

Wonderfully, it's also going to feature a Supermarket Sweep mode at the start of a new game, wherein you grab as many supplies as you can before the bombs drop.

Wasteland survival sim with a focus on family, rather than gun-toting questy adventure: sounds good to me. Here's the pitch video:

I like the bit where the man's interviewed while sitting in front of a sink. Aping a fallout shelter aesthetic, or just a student? Is there any difference?

It's after £15k and has £3 in the bank already, so very much achievable, I'd say. Pledge here if you're interested.

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