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Nvidia have cooked up the world's largest graphics card ahead of their big Ampere reveal today

Nvidia are holding their annual GTC conference this afternoon, where it's widely expected that they'll unveil their new Ampere GPU architecture for their next generation of RTX 3000 GPUs. I'll be tuning in at 2pm BST (6am PDT) to find out all about it and whether they announce the much-rumoured RTX 3080 or RTX 3090, but in the mean time, here's a video of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang cooking up the world's largest graphics card in his home oven. Everyone needs a hobby during lockdown, right?

Nvidia's GTC conference was originally going to take place earlier this year on March 23rd, but a certain coronavirus-shaped pandemic meant it got postponed and moved online. Even today's 'conference' isn't really a conference as such, as Nvidia are just going to be putting out their keynote speech over on their YouTube channel.

In it, Huang will be talking about a lot more than just graphics cards, as Nvidia also have their fingers in AI, deep learning, cars and robot-shaped pies as well as our humble gaming GPUs. However, the big 'Get Amped' tease on their website suggests that their new Ampere architecture will indeed form a key part of it. Most of the focus will probably be on Nvidia's professional graphics cards rather than their consumer gaming ones, admittedly, as GTC hasn't traditionally been a very public-facing event (instead, it's aimed more for srs bsns types in the industry), but if you want a glimpse of what's to come with Nvidia's RTX 3000 GPUs then it's probably worth tuning in when you get a chance.

Cover image for YouTube video

One thing Huang will almost certainly be talking about, though, is that ludicrously large GPU he's just filmed getting out of his oven. The clip itself doesn't give much away - it's not even 30 seconds long, for starters, and the only thing Huang reveals about it is that it's "the world's largest graphics card" - but it's certainly a fun and cute teaser for today's conference nonetheless.

I'll be back again later this afternoon with everything you need to know about Nvidia's new graphics architecture.

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