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NZXT are making gaming monitors now, and they’re lookin’ sharp

165Hz QHD models to start from £349… without a stand

NZXT, having previously expanded from PC cases and coolers into motherboards, microphones, mice, and keyboards, have now launched a pair of 1440p gaming monitors as well. Far from being just another PC hardware thing to check off, they look like they might be alright?

Both hit the 2560x1440 resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate, with the Canvas 27QHD being a flat 27in screen and the Canvas 32QHD Curved being 32in and… well, curved. They support AMD FreeSync Premium, meaning they should work with Nvidia G-Sync as well, and come with anti-glare coatings to see off reflections.

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These aren’t outstanding specs by the standards of the best gaming monitors, and of course, their true value will be in how they perform. But there are other ways to catch the eye, in this case quite directly, with clean, grown-up designs that are miles away from the edgy shapes and colours that a lot of gaming hardware tends towards. Both monitors are available in black, white, or black and white, the all-black option looking especially opposed to the ostentatious.

The pricing is surprisingly competitive too. The black and black/white Canvas 27QHDs will set you back £389 / $360, with the all-white model at £399 / $380. The Canvas 32QHD Curved, meanwhile, is £469 / $430 for the black and black/white models, or £489 / $450 for the white.

These aren’t budget monitors, then, but for something in the 1440p/165Hz sweet spot, I’ve seen a lot worse (the Razor Raptor 27 still hasn’t dropped below £600. Just saying). Unusually, you can also get them £40 / $40 cheaper by buying them without a stand; both sizes support standard VESA mounting, so you can add your own instead. Or, as NZXT are probably hoping, you pair them with NZXT's own matching desk-mounted monitor arms. These come as single or double models, though while any desk tidier while appreciate having two displays on the same arm, these are decidedly not cheap: £140 / $100 for the single and £200 / $170 for the double. Might just stick with the regular stands, eh.

The front and rear of the NZXT Canvas 27QHD gaming monitor, in white.
The standard stands are still adjustable for height and tilt.

First-gen hardware should always be approached with caution, but NZXT has earned a little interest in my eyes. Their debut Function keyboards are lovely, and the NZXT Capsule made it straight onto our best gaming microphones list. Let’s see if the Canvas monitors can continue this hot streak, though if you can’t wait, they’re on sale now from and the NZXT BLD build-a-PC service.

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