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Obulis Demo Available

Fun Motion is a splendid gaming site covering physics-based games, and you should all go and visit it now. I say that, because I feel a bit guilty that every time Wegner posts, I nick it for here. So as I report to you the demo of Obulis, and encourage you to play it, I equally suggest you read the FM coverage. Mostly because he uses words like "inelastic physics", and it's not looking likely that I will. Interestingly, Wegner doesn't enjoy the game so much. Me, I entirely did.

It's hard to capture the level design in our letterbox grabs, sorry about that.

The premise is lovely and simple: get the red ball in the red bucket, and the blue one in the blue one. This is all done by the magics of physics, swinging chains, firing catapalts, and most of all, knocking one ball into another. The demo will let you try 18 levels, the most difficult of which is marked as "medium". Which is a worrying portent for the difficulty to come: this is tricky stuff. Having had two previous incarnations as a mobile game, this is its first outing on PC. The menu design, hub and borders are a tad primitive, but the game itself, although sparse-looking, plays really nicely.

Well worth checking out. Direct link to the demo here.

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