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Occult pinball game Demon's Tilt is getting a sci-fi sequel

Survive a hostile derelict spaceship with only your flippers to fight back in Xenotilt

Spooky indie pinball hit Demon’s Tilt passed me by in 2019, so I’m pleased the devs have decided to build on their bumper success with a sci-fi-flavoured sequel. Xenotilt transports the silver sphere action from the occult cathedral surroundings of Demon’s Tilt to a floating space hulk called the Samaritan. Forget any thoughts of friendly assistance to rack up a high score though, because this game’s subtitle is Hostile Pinball Action. You can see just how hostile Xenotilt can get by watching the trailer below.

Xenotilt is the sequel to 2019's pinball action game Demon's Tilt.Watch on YouTube

Demon’s Tilt looked like the kind of game you’d happily have poured whole weeks into on your Saturn or PlayStation back in the 90s, and Xenotilt’s going after the same effect. You and your shiny round metal best friends are up against the Xenophage, an alien menace that’s living inside the Samaritan. Only by achieving high scores and using some pretty hardcore-looking weaponry (for a pinball table, at least) can you defeat the Xenophage. They’re seven baddies you’ll take on, ranging from sentient malware in the form of a pirate queen to a weaponised blackjack dealer.

Xenotilt keeps the 32-bit look fostered by its predecessor, albeit with a more robotic and futuristic style to fit its new sci-fi theme. Composer E.C.2151 is back again too, with another frankly bumpin’ soundtrack inspired by the Mega Drive (not calling it Genesis, sorry). I’ve always enjoyed a blast of pinball, both real and digitised. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as connecting a flipper with a pinball and walloping it across the table like a cannonball right where you wanted it. Not that they often did go where I wanted them to, mind.

Xenotilt doesn’t have a release window beyond “coming soon” for now. When it does arrive, you’ll be able to grab it from Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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