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Oculus Quest is back in stock in the UK and US

Stock check.

Good news for VR fans this morning, as the Oculus Quest is finally back in stock over on Oculus' website. The standalone VR headset doesn't technically require a PC in order to play VR games, but thanks to the recent launch of Oculus Link which is currently in beta for the Quest, you can indeed now play Oculus Rift games on the Quest as long as you don't mind connecting it to your PC via a high-speed USB-C cable. Here's where you can get one.

At time of writing, both the 64GB and 128GB models of the Oculus Quest are available direct from Oculus in the UK for £399 / £499, while Best Buy have the 128GB model for $499 right now, but not the 64GB version. Oculus US is still saying both headsets are unavailable, as are Overclockers UK, Newegg and Amazon UK. Amazon US have stock from third-party sellers, but they're also being sold for an inflated price, so don't be fooled by it just because they're in stock.

Meanwhile, Scan in the UK is currently taking pre-orders on both storage options for when stock levels return to normal, and Argos are saying they have "limited stock" but are still letting you add one to your shopping trolley.

As you may have seen from my Best VR headset for Half-Life: Alyx article, the Oculus Quest puts in a surprisingly good showing for a standalone VR headset. I'll be writing up a full review of the Quest very soon, but when I was testing it for Half-Life: Alyx, I was able to get everything up and running on my PC without much trouble (follow my How to play Half-Life: Alyx on the Oculus Quest guide if you need help or aren't sure which USB-C cable you need), and the Quest's visuals impressed from the off. The cable I used for my testing was a little restrictive, all told, but having the flexibility of playing Quest, Rift and other Steam games on it is a pretty good compromise in my books.

Alas, it doesn't look like stock levels will be returning to normal for the Oculus Rift S anytime soon, as this is still unavailable almost everywhere (again, Argos have limited stock, but whether you'll be able to proceed with your purchase will depend on where you live and whether you can get it delivered to you). Still, if you want the best of both worlds when it comes to VR, then the Oculus Quest is definitely worth snapping up before it goes out of stock again.

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