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Oculus Rift Will Come With Wireless Xbox One Controller


The Oculus press conference is happening in LA right now ahead of next week's E3. You might already be watching the livestream, but if not, here's the news so far: your cutting-edge system shock virtual reality future will be controlled with an XBox One Controller and an adapter.

So far the press conference has focused on the headset - its adjustability, its form being adapted for those who wear glasses, and so on. The controller is the first real announcement of the show, though. Oculus explained that they wanted a controller that people were already familiar with, before Microsoft's Phil Spencer appeared at the event to talk more about the controller and introduce a video of people using it while wearing the headset to play, uh, a racing game being broadcast on a single wall of a VR space.

I like the XBox controller, but it's interesting that Oculus have decided to offer a traditional controller and one which users of the Oculus headset won't be able to see when they're playing the game.

Update: Oculus have just announced the Oculus Touch, a motion controller.

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