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Get Gogged: Oculus Rift Hits European Retail Today


Mate, no wonder cybergoggles didn't bring an overnight revolution: they weren't in the shops here. Digital distribution is great for games but you can't download goggles, can you? Think it through, yeah? No one's going to pay a few hundred quid for an e-mail with a small picture of a black plastic box. What kind of mug do they take us for?

At long last, Oculus Rift is now officially in Europe as something you can touch with your face. The physical edition is now in shops in boxes, and a fair few places are hosting demos so you can try jacking your face in.

In the UK, Rift will be sold in John Lewis, PCWorld, Game, and Harrods - the shop tourists visit to buy a bottle of milk so they can get a posh bag. Riftgoggs are also sold on their websites ('cept Harrods, because they're classy) and Amazon UK too but, uh, why would you buy digigoggs when we have real ones now?

Here, check Oculus's listings to see where they'll be sold across Europe. The Canadian retail release was supposed to be today too but nnnope.

£549.00 seems hugely expensive for something that's still a novelty - I'd wait a few years - but maybe a little novelty is what you need. Here's a money-saving tip from me: try sleeping on the other side of your bed; it is like a mini holiday every night.

If you fancy trying some goggs, head over here to find out which shops are hosting demos and book yourself in for an appointment. Like an eye test, but testing the world rather than your peepers.

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