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Look Here: SightLine Is Worth A Peek

Eye am impressed.

I would like more games to recognise that they have absolute control over their environment, and I want them to use that to mess with me. I also want them to recognise that my agency isn't an issue in this as well. That's what SightLine does: it was initially developed as an Oculus Rift, but it can be played without the headcase. It's first-person puzzle game about what happens to the world when you're not looking, warping the world as you gaze elsewhere. There's a short demo on the Indiegogo campaign, and it's definitely worth playing.

Using gaze as a way of interacting with the world is well explored in the short demo: it recognises when you're looking at something and when your not, and even you're doing both at the same time. I'd explain what that means, but I don't want to spoil any of the short puzzles in the demo for those that choose to play it. Rooms will change, things will vanish, corridors will appear, and it can tell down to the pixel where you're looking. I know because I tried to just nudge a table out of view, but it knew and changed what was on it. I'm so very glad I wasn't playing it on the Rift, as I might have short-circuited myself by bleeding into the eye hole.

The voice-over and writing are pretty bad, but muddle on through and you'll find a game that has a fair amount of potential to make you wonder about the world.

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