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Of Space Chickens And Men: Humans Must Answer

Was my decision to write this story influenced strongly by the fact that I'd get to include the phrase "space chickens" in a headline? Future scholars will argue over the answer to that very question for generations, and they'll be wasting their time because duh. But eggstraterrestrials galaxy-faring coop-flyers are - believe it or not - only part of what makes Humans Must Answer intriguing. The other half of that equation, then, is the oh-so-silly shmup's pedigree. Developer Sumom Games, you see, rose from STALKER 2's irradiated ashes when GSC Game World ceased to be. So now the team's making shmups starring “intelligent and dangerous chickens," naturally. Apparently, though, the storyline - which sees said chickens encounter hostile humans - is "subtle and surprising." I honestly can't tell if they're joking.

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Yep, that's definitely a shmup. That weapon selection looks pretty interesting, though - especially the one where you fire the one thing and then shoot it with the other thing, and it blows up in all of the directions. Hm, I just described every game in this genre ever. You should probably just watch the trailer.

It'll be out in 2013, and it's doing that whole Steam Greenlight thing right now. I'm actually curious about this, though: ravishingly handsome and beautiful RPS readers, are any of you frequent shmup players? Is it even cool to call them shmups anymore? Have I grievously offended you with my careless word choices? If so, will I ever be able to earn your forgiveness?

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