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Oh My God JC, A Trademark - Deus Ex: Human Defiance

Now, don't go jumping to any conclusions just yet. That's how poor old Richard Kimble ended up having such a hard time of things. All that's happened is that Squeenix have taken out a trademark in the name of 'Deus Ex: Human Defiance.' It could be anything. It could be nothing. It could be a game. It could be a movie. It could be another ropey spin-off comic. It could be a typo. It could be the official Deus Ex pancake mix.

It's probably a game though, innit?

"Deus Ex: Human Defiance," then. A trademark for it was taken out in Europe by Square Enix's UK office yesterday, and I guess the re-use of 'Human' is the telling part if it does indeed relate to a new DX game. After all, 2011's successful resurrection of the series probably reached more new players than it did DX veterans, so 'Human Revolution' likely carries as much marketing clout as Deus Ex does by now.

The trademark seems to cover everything. Specifically, "Computer games software; computer games, comprising computer software; video games, comprising computer software; video games software; games for mobile phones, comprising computer software; computer software for computer games, video games and games for mobile phones supplied on line by means of multi-media electronic broadcast or network transmission; publications in electronic form or other data provided by means of multi-media electronic broadcast or network transmission; disks and tapes pre-recorded with computer game software, video game software, feature film entertainment or other electronic publications" and also "Printed matter; books; educational and training materials; computer game strategy guides; stationery; magazines and periodicals; newssheets; and newsletters; photographs, postcards and posters; comics, comic books, and cartoons."

Much as the official Deus Ex stationery set is appealing, 'games' is the most frequently recurring term in there, so I'm going to cautiously predict/hope that is indeed the true purpose of this trademark. In which case, woo!

I'd really like to see Eidos Montreal get to make another DX. Everything I've read suggests they're well aware of what did and didn't work in DXHR, and of course they'd have more publisher confidence behind this time around. I did ask for this.

Also, I discovered while searching the trademark applications site that there's an Italian chocolate called Deus Ex. Puts 'soft centre' in a whole new light, eh?

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