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OMSI 2 rides the Wuppertal Suspension Railway in new expansion


The latest expansion for OMSI 2 offers the rare opportunity to ride the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, a suspended monorail hanging over the river and streets of the German city Wuppertal. This bus-driving simulator is a bit too serious for my tastes, as I'm more of a happy-go-bumpy Bus Simulator 18 goof, but I would very much like to visit Wuppertal. I'm sure I could become a serious OMSI driver for this. Stop taking shortcuts over the pavement. Stick to a schedule. Not jump the train off the rail into the river. I could do that. The new expansion does also let folks drive buses on the streets of Wuppertal too, but why would you when the city has a flying train?

First, let's look at the real thing, the whole reason this DLC caught my attention:

Cover image for YouTube video


Wuppertal is the greenest city in Germany, I've read on that there Internet people have nowadays, blooming with so many trees and parks as well as an arboretum and botanical garden. One day I will visit Wuppertal, ride the railway, wrench the door open above the river, jump down into the water, and shatter both my legs because it really is not very deep.

(Though if an elephant can survive the fall, perhaps I might be okay. In 1950, an elephant named Tuffi, who was put in the monorail for a circus's publicity stunt, broke through a window and jumped into the river below. She only suffered minor injuries, I'm told, and has been immortalised in a bronze statue and a children's book.)

The OMSI 2 expansion includes 21 kilometres of routes across four bus lines and the railway. Oh sure, OMSI 2 isn't a looker, but lose yourself in the seriousness of the sim (it even licenses official announcement messages from the local transport operator) and I'm sure it'll almost feel like you're there. Almost. Ish. Kinda. Not really. But use your imagination while watching this trailer for the simulated Wuppertal:

Cover image for YouTube video

OMSI 2's Wuppertal add-on is out now on Steam for £19.49/€24.95/$24.99. It's also available from publishers Aerosoft in a box bearing a thrilling tagline:


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