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Who'll stop the baby crying? Not me in One More Second

Local multiplayer foolishness

Competitive parents are awful, hurling obscenities and abuse from the sidelines of the local under-10s league, but I can sympathise with the parents competing in One More Second. It's the middle of the night and their lousy baby is once again awake and bawling its head off. Both of this half-awake pair would adore even one more second of sleep, so these aspiring corpses roll around and flail and flap until one loses the slow-motion slapsies and gets up to sooth the lump of congealed screams. Go on, grab a pal and sit side-by-side to discover the QWOP-ish joys of parenting.

Each of the parent's limbs is controlled separately, see, selected by pressing the appropriate button then moved with one thumbstick while the other rolls you ragdoll body around (controllers preferred, obvs, but not mandatory). It is inelegant, it is slow, it is clumsy, it is exactly how I would feel if the baby were crying AGAIN.

I think it's all in good humour? Ah sure, it's a physical fight over not wanting to get up and hush a baby, but it's a clumsy, flappy one, the sort of gestures I'll make when someone's trying to wake me up and I just want sleep. I can't read the dialogue, so perhaps there's something more sinister afoot, but the game seems playful to me. Especially given how silly some of the randomly-selected parents and their outfits are.

Made by Uson Chen, One More Second is up for download on Itch. It's pay-what-you-want with no minimum price.

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Ta for pointing this out, Alpha Beta Gamer.

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