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Webtoy of the day: build your own silly-named spaceships

yes you can put swears in

Your desktop box of infinite delights today is this insta-spaceship builder, part of the ShapeWright project, a web page into which you may insert any name/vile oath of your choice and be blessed with a one-of-a-kind starship in response.

While there's obvious delight in trying to etablish whether The Ainsley Harriot somehow resembles the joyful celeb chef, or if The HMS Peggle sparks odes to joy in you, what I love best is watching the construction process. Huge chunks of ship slamming together, like some wonderful 3D jigsaw of a Chris Foss illustration.

Witness the construction of The Agent Dale Cooper, which is appropriately dual-faced:

Here's the HMS Peggle, which is A Very Nice Spaceship but I have tried and failed to identify anything particularly Peggly about it:

The X-Wing proves that ShapeWright hasn't lowered itself to IP theft:

But The Ainsley Harriot definitely has a big grin grinning away there, right? Mission accomplished:

Most satisfyingly of all, The Optimus Prime entirely resembles a giant robot, albeit one who uses his keister as weapon storage:

ShapeWright, a webGL tool which can also build blobby creatures, rings and, er, religious jewellery, is the work of Dutch studio Macouno, who also get up to all sorts of 3D printing malarkey. I would definitely 3D-print The Ainsley Harriot, given the option.

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