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OOO YEAH: Ouya Hit TowerFall Coming To PC

The Ouya has games! Some. More than one, I'm pretty sure. People have told me this, and I believe them because why would everyone be lying to me about everything in an attempt to hide the fact that my reality is a wilting cardboard construct and nobody loves me. So TowerFall. It's apparently the mighty bow-and-arrow godking of Ouya mountain, what with its mix of hop 'n' bop brawling shenanigans, item-littered levels, and Robin-Hood-worthy pointy-stick-hurling antics. Unfortunately, it launched as an Ouya exclusive, and there was no hope for an unbearable not-even-a-month-long span. But now, developer Matt Thorson has announced that PC will soon join the fray - with "a ton" of new content, no less.

Thorson took aim with his gleaming bow (read: fingers) and launched a truly formidable word volley at Twitter (read: Twitter).

"Yes, I am working on TowerFall for PC. But it's going to take a couple months. There's going to be a ton of new content!"

New music and levels are definitely in, and a level editor is apparently at least a possibility. Personally, I'm also crossing my fingers for online multiplayer (currently it's local-only), but only time will tell on that front. I mean, I'm all for local multiplayer (humans can be pretty cool sometimes assuming that, again, they're not lying to me about every facet of my existence), but options are never a bad thing.

Regardless, this is exciting news! Now then, time to go pour acid in my ears until the distant, spring-rain-like echo of Macho Man Randy Savage screaming OOOOOO YEAAAAAAH subsides and I finally find peace.

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