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Explore Colourful Voids In Opoid

Death by Space Needle

Opoid's voids are expansive, colourful, and deadly. It's a treasure hunt within two-tone levels, strange worlds we enter through doors floating in space. What seems like a pleasant wander 'em up becomes a bit of an explore-o-DON'T-TOUCH-THAT-IT'LL-KILL-YOU. One level appears to be an homage to Frogger, only with zooming tugboats and assault rifles. It's surreal to explore and exciting to look at, and I think you might like it. It's available in your browser or as a free download for Windows.

The thing to make clear first is: touching any of the coloured objects will kill you and send you back to the hub world. So do explore, and do enjoy all the trees, lamps, chairs, televisions, fences, and Space Needles hovering in the voids, but don't get too close. Each two-tone world has a glyph to find somewhere, which is usually visible from the start but may quickly vanish behind maze walls that rise out the ground, or passing tugboats and rifles.

Each world's palettes is bold and exciting, clashing colours like orange on blue, and I really do like how objects' silhouettes merge into each other, turning everyday objects into strange jagged blobs.

Opoid was made by members of the DuneWorld collective during this year's Global Game Jam in January. It's quiet and pretty and short and free, so do have a poke if you fancy exploring weird voids.

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