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Outer Orbit Sushi has such charming alien gifs!

Fishy business

Look! Look at this cute sushi game! It's called Outer Orbit Sushi and it's one of those projects with a little devlog over on the TIGSource forums. The developer, Mike Davenport, only just started posting about the game so I assume it's super early days but it's billed as a strategic match-line puzzle where you feed little alien customers by navigating the plates in front of you.

This gif and the accompanying post give a bit more of an idea of how things are shaping up at the moment:

"My thought was, since tracing out the paths is a bit tedious, what if there were only two buttons: left and right? You choose the customer and the game automatically connects the subgraph of like plates for you. new plates then fill in from the opposite side.

"Having plates fill in from two directions instead of one has been surprisingly fun to play. once you get the hang of it, you can think one or two moves ahead and line up a big collect; two options gives you just enough choice to be satisfying."

The next step is to work on how the progression curve works and what type of a challenge it provides. You can keep an eye on the Outer Orbit Sushi thread here!

In the meantime here's the gif which caught my eye in the first place:

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