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Cosmonaut Conspiracy Outreach Gets Live-Action Trailer

Without a trace in space

We all know the United States faked the moon landing by covering the floors of Universal Studios with cocaine and then tramping through it in slow motion wearing spacesuits. That's a FACT. But we don't know the Russian conspiracies of the Space Race. Outreach [official site] is hoping to fix that. It's a first-person mystery set on a Soviet military space station during the 1980s. You play a cosmonaut who's been sent up to investigate why the crew have gone silent. When you get there, they are nowhere to be seen. Now the creators have made a live action trailer offering no answers but just more questions.

Cover image for YouTube video

God dammit, Radomir, you are a LOOSE CANNON. Hand in your space badge.

It's billed as a realistic zero-gravity recreation of an old space station, with all the technology, environments and tools based on their real-world designs. You'll be floating around, pushing yourself from one wall to another and grabbing onto handrails to keep yourself from falling off into space. "Your coordination and reflexes are the only protection you have from the void," we are told.

All the while you need to uncover details about the old crew – their original mission and their motives. It's also going to feature the voice of Adam Harrington, who you might remember as being the arm-rippingly impatient Bigby Wolf in Telltale's The Wolf Among Us. Unfortunately, there's no still actual video of the game as it is played. But here's a teaser from last year which shows off the inside of the Russian space station.

Cover image for YouTube video

If anything, I would just be happy to get a Soviet version of ADR1FT, which Alec thought was impressive but also nauseating in all its VR accomplishment. A dirtier, 1980s retelling of an orbital Mary Celeste sounds much more appealing to me than a flickering futuristic HUD and endless vistas of pristine solar panels.

Outreach is being developed by Pixel Spill and is expected to launch some time in 2017.

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