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Over The Alps, a WWII spy adventure, is out today

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It's World War II, the sequel nobody wanted, and the Swiss police are on your tail. That's likely no good even in 2020, but in 1939 it's especially inadvisable as you're a spy trying very hard to stay undercover. Over The Alps is out today, taking you back to a colorful version of the war styled like a jaunty antique postcard collection.

The first game by a new studio made up of former by narrative folks from the likes of Failbetter Games and Inkle Studios is, as you'd expect, focused on its story. "A hidden collection of postcards in the cellar reveals a story of intrigue and espionage," Stave Studios say. "Avoid leaving footprints, and drop diversions in your wake to stay one step ahead of the Swiss Police who are hot on your tail," all while crossing, double-crossing, and double-dog-crossing your spy's collection of contacts.

RPS haven't given this one a go just yet, but our corporate siblings over at Eurogamer have an Over The Alps review that can tell ya more about it. "This particular tale unfolds in text on the postcards the agent sends home to his old chum Aubrey," Christian Donlan says. "Each stamp has an icon on it that encourages you to think of the kind of attitude it represents. Someone asks a favour: do you want to be debonair? Do you want to be professional? Do you want to be ruthless? Choose between the top hat, the glasses or the axe, then, mate." Ah, so a BioWare dialogue wheel 'em up, then? Snarky spy playthroughs only, please and thank you.

Donlan says "over the Alps reminds me a bit of skiing ... The destination is never in doubt, but the way you get there - the style, the attitude, the poise - is the important part. What a lovely, bracing game this is."

You can find Over The Alps on Steam where it's currently 10% off until April 7th. It's normally priced at £10.29/€10.79/$12.99.

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