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Overclocked Demo Out

The demo for House of Tales' Overclocked: A History Of Violence is out. For those horribly ill-informed about it, Alec wrote a splendid preview here.

The tale of psychiatrist David McNamara, and his efforts to figure out what's gone wrong in the brains of five young patients, is from the people who made The Moment Of Silence, both point and click adventures. More details and the trailer below.

Overclocked is getting decent reviews so far (apart from a B- at Just Adventure, which is the equivalent of getting a minus score on most websites, or under a 6.0 on IGN). As ever, I hope for good things, but have yet to get my paws on a copy. It's written by Martin Ganteföhr, the author of The Moment Of Silence, and also one of the most reasonable human beings on Earth.

Tell me about the dismembered corpse of your mother.

The demo is just under a gigabyte (about forty billion Peggles), but good luck getting hold of it. Most of Worth Playing's servers are dead links, only the German ones working, and offering about 60k/s. Or there's the unbridled joy of FilePlanet and their non-paying queues. Only four hours to go before my download's finished!

Here's the trailer:

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