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Ow, My Fourth Wall: Shadow Of The Game

Shadow Of The Game isn't an MMO. It's an RPG with an MMO in it. A single-player game in which your character takes part in an MMO which is played within the game, but it's not actually an MMO because it's all single-player, and and RPG, except it's really more of a visual novel... This is the work of indies DeRailGames, and is, we're told, about the boundaries between online identities and those of something called "real life".

This meta game-in-a-game is about a member of a powerful guild, about to enter the final raid of MMO, , developed by Gizzard. Yeah, that's what they went for. However, a former guild member turns up "sporting an illegal race, and bringing power-grinded companions." And from there, things go wrong. The trailer does a good job of showing you those blurred lines:

The game's officially out tomorrow via Desura, GamersGate, and is in the Greenlight bearpit. For some reason it's only £3.15 on Desura, but £4.49 on GamersGate - although I tend to find these prices level out once we point them out. But you can also get a demo of the game right now - with the full game lasting around 16 hours, they say.

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