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Pagan Prose: Crusader Kings II - The Old Gods

I've played Crusader Kings II's latest expansion and it's packed full of exciting things that I'd like to spend at least eighty hours exploring. For pagan characters, who are the focus, there are raids, landless adventurers, river-based assaults, plunder, warbands and human sacrifices. I never found the time to play with previous Republic expansion but I am incapable of ignoring the opportunity to unify every pagan religion beneath Odin's banner, creating a British empire that clings to the forests and the ancient ways of worship. Paradox are currently running a competition that will include the winner's historically appropriate event in the game. Rules below.

This will all make more sense if you've played Crusader Kings II before. If you haven't played Crusader Kings II before, I suggest that an event is created whereby you are forced to choose between self-flagellation and a written apology to Baron Hexy MapThoughtful who resides at Castle Strategy.

1. It has to be a simple, one-shot event. No follow-ups, no event series.
2. It can be historical, humorous, serious, or any combination of those - as long as it fits the period.
3. We prefer character events, but you can also create a narrative event if you want to include more text.
4. The event will be restricted to pagans (and Zoroastrians). It's up to you whether it should be generic enough to be available to all of them, or if it should be limited to Norse Pagans, Zoroastrians, Tengri or another specific group.
5. Unless you have an event picture in mind, we'll pick an appropriate artwork for the event.
6. The event needs both a trigger and an effect. The trigger can be as simple as being an adult and having a certain religion, or something more restrictive. The effect shouldn't be too severe or impact the game too much, as this will be more of a flavor event.
7. The event can have multiple options with different effects, or just one. (Having additional options that only show up if the character has a certain trait can be a nice touch, but it isn't required.)
8. Take care not to write too much, as the text needs to fit inside the event window. If it's too long, we'll shorten it as needed if your event is picked as one of the winners.

I'll have more words on how it all plays when I find the time for a proper play session or two, but for now here are two developer diaries.

Cover image for YouTube video

Cover image for YouTube video

To enter the competition, look here. And then write something too.

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