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Pandemic Making Office Space (God, Sorry)

We've not mentioned the passing of Pandemic. The studio will breathe their last with The Saboteur, due to ship in a couple of weeks. They were bought by EA two years ago in a two-for-one offer with BioWare for a mere $860m. It's sad to see the creators of Full Spectrum Warrior, Battlefront, Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans closing their doors. Some of the company have responded in the only proper way, by creating an Office Space tribute, which you can see below.

It's a shame. I met the Pandemic team when they were making the sequel to Full Spectrum Warrior, and while it was once again inevitably a high-70s game, the team behind it were a truly lovely bunch. I was out seeing that game as a representative of the Edge-brain (all hail its name), and enjoyed the peculiar privileges their password-like title provides. "Oh, you're with Edge, come with me..." Seriously, the other lame-o console and PC mags were left in the regular studio area for pigling plebs, while I was swept into a private office to be proffered with exclusive jewel-encrusted interviews and meats of the like you've never dreamed. Apart from the jewels and meat bit. I kept it as quiet as possible that I was also out there for GamesMaster, in case this tarnished me and I was cast out into the rest of the studio like the scum I secretly am. And this, this story about me, is my obituary to Pandemic apparently. They are fine men, and very pleasant company, and I was pleased to hear somewhere that Randy Pitchford has encouraged them all to apply for jobs at Gearbox.

RIP Pandemic. Here's their fine goodbye:

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Video stolen from Mr Jonty's Twitter.

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