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Gotcha! Local Multiplayer Snap 'Em Up Paparazzi Released

Snap attack!

Gotcha! New Local Multiplayer In Release Slam! Cheeky! Two-player Photo-Taking, Photo-Avoiding Antics Intrigue And Delight. Pop! Player Plays Pap Snapping Celeb On The Run. Wham! Celeb Must Hide In Crowds And Behind Objects To Avoid Being Pap Gaze. Sham! That Wasn't A Snappy Headline At All. Oof! None Of These Are What Is This. Secret Shame! Alice Doesn't Really Read Red Tops And Is Finding This Joke More Difficult Than She Had Anticipated. Help! I'm Trapped In A Headline Making Machine.

Oof! That's better. Hugh Grant just punched me in the teeth and that seems to have knocked me clear. What he was doing in my flat, I shan't ask. That's a highbrow newspaper joke, that.

So Paparazzi [official site] is a two-player local multiplayer game where one player's a pap snapper, and the other's a celebrity trying to escape to a limousine while avoiding the sniper-like lens by ducking into crowds and behind obstacles. The pap earns cash for snapping while the celeb loses dignity, which is an interesting and possibly loathsome way to model paparazzi, then whoever has the most money or dignity at the end wins the round.

Power-ups are abound, of course, along with a choice of celebs.

It does have AI for single-player antics too but multiplayer is what it's really aimed at.

It's £3.19 on Steam at launch, going up to £3.99 next week.

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