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Paradox have bought a mobile games studio, Playrion

Planning to make Paradox mobile games

Continuing their remarkable expansion, Crusader Kings and Stellaris company Paradox Interactive today announced they've bought Playrion Game Studio, a French crew focused on mobile games. Maybe you know them from Airlines Manager? Paradox say that owning Playrion will help them bring more of their game worlds to mobile. No hints as to what might be next, mind.

"Adding Playrion to our roster allows us to continue expanding our business in new areas, and bring more of our IPs to mobile," said Charlotta Nilsson, Paradox's chief operations officer, in today's announcement. "We're always thrilled when we find teams who want to make the kind of games we'd like to make ourselves. Playrion is a natural addition to the Paradox family, and we're delighted to have them joining us."

Will they try to adapt their PC games to mobile or create separate games with the same names? Dunno! The recent Stellaris: Galaxy Command isn't Stellaris in much more than name, and Paradox are here talking about "IPs" rather than necessarily "games". On the other hand, strategy rivals Firaxis are out here with full mobile versions of XCOM and Civilization so a proper mobile Crusader Kings isn't inconceivable - though it would be a danger to the productivity of humanity.

Paradox's last foray into mobile gaming did not go great with Stellaris: Galaxy Command did not go well. Based loosely on their PC 4X strategy game and made by an external studio, it was pulled from sale only five hours after launch after players spotted it had yoinked some Halo art. Paradox apologised and the game has since returned to app stores but welp. They've lost a reputation to rebuild in mobile gaming.

Playrion are Paradox's eighth internal studio, joining acquisitions including Harebrained Schemes (makers of BattleTech and Shadowrun Returns) and Triumph Studios (Age Of Wonders and Overlord).

To celebrate, Airlines Manager: Tycoon 2020 is giving away a free in-game plane with a Paradox livery. The game is free-to-play on Android and iOS, if you're curious.

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